Below are some testimonials from former players and why they enjoyed their experiences with VBVBA.


Virginia Beach Volleyball Academy has had a huge impact on my life. Along with the development of the necessary skills to perform well on the court, I developed a sense of belonging. A bond was created not only to my team but to the organization as a whole, who works to give as many girls the opportunity to play volleyball as will take it. My teammates were more than just girls I played with, but were also my friends off the court. I am still in close contact with many of my teammates that I played with over two years ago, all of whom go to different colleges, and I owe that to VBVBA. The coaches of this club dedicate themselves to their players and are always there whenever needed, even to players who are no longer on their teams. Many graduated players including myself still return to help out with the practices of the teams purely for the love of the game and to keep the special closeness that this club has created intact.

- Kayla Jordan, VBVBA 18's (2 years with club) 2008-2009



“VBVBA is a high  quality  premier club.  During my time as a member I honestly had some of the most memorable times.  From forming friendships, dealing with difficult situations, and becoming a smarter and stronger volleyball player; my time at VBVBA was well spent.  In comparison to other clubs in the area I felt most home with this club.  Other clubs seemed more keen on their image and reputation while VBVBA was more interested in the player itself.  All of the coaches were very well educated and friendly and only wanted to see the players succeed to their highest potential.  Winning and losing weren’t matters of importance in comparison  to seeing players learn and form bonds with teammates.  VBVBA is not only a volleyball club, it is family.”

 -- Casey Gilchrist, VBVBA 18's (2 years with club) 2007-2008


".........These past two years have been the best two years with having VBVBA in my life and everyone on this team.  Thank you again!"

- Jordan Brcic, VBVBA 18's (2 years with club) 2009-2010